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We perform hair removal with sugar paste

This method is very gentle to the skin. The best results we can see on the delicate spaces like armpits, groin or face. Irritation and redness disappears very quickly. Sugar paste removes hair with dead cells of the skin, so it acts as a gentle peeling but it doesn´t draw the top layer of the skin like warm wax. After this waxing you can sunbathe already a second day. Nevermind if the sugar paste gets on the sensitive skin of lips or intimate parts. It´s possible to put sugar paste on the same place several times until the hair is removed. If you have a problem with ingrown hairs, after waxing eczema and problems with veins, the sugar paste is the best choice for you. You´ll get smooth skin without any unnecessary pain and stress. We remove the hair from all parts of your body, we wax legs, upper lips, face, chin, arms, armpits, buttocks, area around areolas. When it comes to men, it´s possible to wax everything except of the beard. Mums can also bring their teen daughters sooner than they „ develope“ a solid hair by shaving. You´ll appreciate the advantages of sugar paste especialy with intimate parts waxing. We do complete waxing of intimate parts (front, back). By your needs, we leave your hair shaped as a strip or triangle.

Projekt: Podnikové vzdělávání zaměstnanců firmy Dámský svět
Reg. č.: CZ.03.1.52/0.0/0.0/19_097/0012195
Realizace: od 1.10.2019 do 30.9.2021
Cíl projektu: V rámci projektu Podnikové vzdělávání zaměstnanců budou probíhat školení zaměstnanců, dojde ke zvýšení znalostí, dovedností a kompetencí pracovníků. Díky projektu se eliminuje nesoulad mezi kvalifikační úrovní pracovní síly s požadavky trhu práce.
Projekt je spolufinancován Evropskou unií.