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It is removing of toxic substances from the organism in order to keep the balance of our body.

Controlled detoxification according to Josef Jonáš M.D.

The method of controlled detoxification is suitable for  all chronic and recurrent diseases. It always help strenghten immunity and well-being. It is excellent help for those who want to work on themselves or change something in their life. As far as we know, the toxins fix and keep our usual ways of acting, perceiving, experiencing, and thus make the change impossible. Toxins always appear when we suffer from depression, anxiety, fear or anger. They cause our low self-confidence, extreme worries about the others, making up doomsday scenarios, and various other problems.

This method is based on many years´ research done by Josef Jonáš M.D. and shows toxins which occur in organs and tissues as the main cause of diseases. The SALVIA machine based on EAV meassures the toxins in your body. Afterwards the appropriate preparations remove toxins from your body and start the self-healing process.

The first visit requires more time, approximately one hour and half, other visits take about an hour . Mostly the client uses 3 or 4 preparations at one time, all at home. There are special syrups for children (not under 3 years old) to solve the most common problems of this age. For very small babies there are special oils which are applied on skin. There is also the latest product to help your pets.


The first visit: 400 Kč
Next visit: 300 Kč

Detoxification is provided by Ing. Kamila Kohoutová

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