Glamour budoir photos

Charm is the most important!

In the budoir images the photographer shows the natural woman beauty. The celebration of skin charm, look, hair, smile or figure is supported by suitable pieces of clothes which cover what should be covered, and emphasize what is beautiful. Lace, smooth satin, fine silk, cosy fur – all these will support the natural woman charm.

Our task is to prepare an extraordinary experience for you and to enable you to enjoy wonderful time.

Would you like to get a set of Budoir Images?

Ask about the earliest date of shooting at the reception desk at Ladies World. Afterwards our stylist will contact you to discuss style, colours, material and suitability of the clothes and to inform you about the exact time of the meeting. On the day of shooting our hairdresser will do you hairstyle and the beautician will make you a special photo- make-up. Before the very start our stylist will fine-tune the details.

The shooting takes about an hour and half and our hairdresser, beautician and stylist will be of any help to you all the time. Small refreshment and sparkling wine will be served too.

Where are the images taken?

  • premises of Ladies World
  • unusual premises of factories
  • chateau or hotel rooms
  • outdoors

What is the next step?

The photographer will send you a link to your  photos and you will choose 20 images to be refined by the photographer. Afterwards you will get a CD with the images and it is just up to you if you have a book, picture.. or whatever done.

How much does it cost?

It costs 4500 CZK. The price includes the service of beautician, hairdresser, stylist and photographer, refreshment and 20 images on CD.

Who takes the pictures?

The images are taken by professional photographer Alena Borlová.

Projekt: Podnikové vzdělávání zaměstnanců firmy Dámský svět
Reg. č.: CZ.03.1.52/0.0/0.0/19_097/0012195
Realizace: od 1.10.2019 do 30.9.2021
Cíl projektu: V rámci projektu Podnikové vzdělávání zaměstnanců budou probíhat školení zaměstnanců, dojde ke zvýšení znalostí, dovedností a kompetencí pracovníků. Díky projektu se eliminuje nesoulad mezi kvalifikační úrovní pracovní síly s požadavky trhu práce.
Projekt je spolufinancován Evropskou unií.