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In caring for beautiful hands of our costumers, we use several methods. Next to classic manicure when fingernails and their sorroundings are being treated and cleaned, we also model nails. We use different techniques and materials. Mostly acryl, acrylic gel or just gel. We glue a new nail on short and rough nail, make a shape and polish. Those nails is possible to decorate with help of nailart methody. They can be decorated with arbitrary ornaments, rhinestones or glitters. The nails are beautiful, original and they can´t be overlooked.

The next stage is Japanese care P.Shine- beautyfying bark-based nail polish in combination with protecting and nourishing layer. Regular maintenance and care are required.

Another possible variant is the application of an exklusive product Shellac. That breaks the borders between gel and nail polish within 30min. The application of Shellac gives bright colours, mirror shine, strength and protection to your nails. It dries instantly, is perfect in detail and removing goes without damaging  your real nail.

Perfect nails are visible business card of each of us, therefore pay your attantion to them.

Název projektu: Dámský svět s.r.o. - Age management
Reg. číslo projektu: CZ.03.01.03/00/22_035/0001909
Cílem projektu je přizpůsobit řízení lidských zdrojů žadatele věkové struktuře zaměstnanců a posílit kompetence zaměstnanců podle potřeb vyplývajících z jejich věku. Cíle bude dosaženo pomocí třech klíčových aktivit: Implementace AM do personálních procesů, aktivita vč. evaluace, Interní profesní vzdělávání, Externí profesní vzdělávání.
Termín realizace: 1.1.2024 – 31.12.2026
Projekt je spolufinancován Evropskou unií.