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The times when only celebrities could afford their own stylist are long behind us. Women´s world brings this new service a little closer to ordinary people. Stylistic clinic is open daily. Thanks consultation with the stylist you´ll be able to develope your own personal style and don´t have to worry of getting a bit more spontanous when it comes to your image and new wardrobe combinations. The stylist will advice you how to enrich your wardrobe and what style, cut and colors of clothes best suits to your body shape and your personality. She also helps you with the selection of jewelery and fashion accessories. Service of stylist can be used by everyone. Women, men and also kids. The most important for stylist is that you leave happy, selfconfident and with feeling of fulfilled expectation. Because, once you are satisfied with your new look, you can be sure, that you´ll get recognition and compliments from your sorroundins, soon.

Projekt: Podnikové vzdělávání zaměstnanců firmy Dámský svět
Reg. č.: CZ.03.1.52/0.0/0.0/19_097/0012195
Realizace: od 1.10.2019 do 30.9.2021
Cíl projektu: V rámci projektu Podnikové vzdělávání zaměstnanců budou probíhat školení zaměstnanců, dojde ke zvýšení znalostí, dovedností a kompetencí pracovníků. Díky projektu se eliminuje nesoulad mezi kvalifikační úrovní pracovní síly s požadavky trhu práce.
Projekt je spolufinancován Evropskou unií.